Anna Pritchard Textile Artist scarves and blanket

Anna Pritchard Textile Designer

Having specialised in weave I create luxurious fabrics and blankets for the home. I also produce colourful and vibrant silk scarves. My studio overlooks the foothills of Snowdonia, where my inspiration is derived from. We are one of the oldest farming families still working in the Dyffryn Ogwen Valley. My fabrics document the farming traditions and its history. My designs document the ear notches of the Dyffryn Ogwen Valley farms. An ear notch is a series of cuts that are done on the lambs’ ears. These enable the farms to identify their sheep when gathering the mountains where several farms will gather on the same day. Only farms that have the right to graze on these mountains are given a unique ear notch. You will also see the small scissors similar to the shearing scissors within the various designs. These scissors enable the farmers to create their unique notch. Within my work you will also see the slate pillars which are so evident in the local area and are a large part of the Dyffryn Ogwen’s history. You will also see wildflowers which were a huge importance to me in my childhood on a dairy farm. Today modern ways have been introduced into the world of farming and this is also evident by looking at my designs.

I am passionate about colour which is evident throughout my work. My colour inspiration is derived from nature and the beautiful and dramatic seasons that we have here in Wales.